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swimming pool with hot tub

Orange County, California, has more swimming pools per household than nearly any other location in the U.S. This is despite its position along the Pacific coast and the existence of beautiful, sandy beaches right inside the county. There are also many public pools in Orange County, some of which offer hot tub or spa experiences, but private hot tubs abound. The people of Orange County clearly appreciate the benefits of a home swimming pool with hot tub combination. Pools are refreshingly cool on hot summer days, perfect for entertaining guests at “pool parties,” and well suited for swimming laps, water exercises, or water sports. Hot tubs are extremely relaxing to soak in, can be used even during the cold winter months, and are quintessentially romantic.

But only by relying on an experienced, reputable Orange County pool contractor can you be sure to get the best value when you have a new swimming pool with hot tub installed. Orange County Pools and Spas has been serving the area since 1982, and their staff has the expertise and tools to help you develop a pool plan and to install a product that is fully functional, extremely durable, and aesthetically attractive. They can use high-quality National Pool Tile products to give your pool finish and pool surrounds an impressive look and feel. Orange County Pools and Spas can also integrate your hot tub into your pool design or build it in a separate are, as desired.

Ordering Swimming Pool with Hot Tub in Orange County

At Orange County Pools, you will get more than just the “basics” of a swimming pool with hot tub set-up. The finish, pool tile, coping, in-pool fountains, strategically placed lighting, decorative concrete or stone pool surrounds, outdoor kitchens and barbecues, and more that they can install make them a full-service pool contractor. Their hot tub selection is also extensive, with many options for size, dimensions, and placement. A square hot tub built on the end of a lap pool is one option. A circular or oval shaped hot tub off to the side of the main pool is another. It is also popular to have a raised hot tub with a waterfall style outflow into your main pool.

Finally, note that Orange County Pools and Spa can add on a hot tub to your existing pool or refurbish or remodel your existing hot tub or pool. An upgrade or a repair are 100 percent within their area of expertise, as surely as is a new installation job. To learn more or for a free estimate and consultation on your planned swimming pool with hot tub, contact Orange County Pools & Spas today by calling 714-280-3118 or by filling out their online contact form.