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santa ana pool repair

Santa Ana Pool Repair

At Orange County Pools and Spas, we specialize in providing across-the-board Santa Ana pool repair services that are fast, effective, and affordable. While we also install new pools, renovate old ones, and upgrade by adding steps, railings, spas, and more, we also can address any problems that may arise with your existing pool. Even high-end, luxury pools that are built with durable materials and solidly constructed will eventually have some maintenance issues. We understand how to identify and fix all manner of pool problems because we have been in the pool repair business for the past three decades.

One of the most common reasons to contact a Santa Ana pool repair provider is to locate and eliminate a leak. Water loss from evaporation may be as high as a quarter-inch per day and two inches per week, depending on humidity and weather, but more than that most likely indicates a hidden leak in the pool. The pool technicians at Orange County Pools and Spas have long experience at dealing with pool leakage, and they are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that enable them to locate the leak extremely quickly. If there is a crack or a pinhole puncture in the pool’s side or bottom, we will find it. If the sealing is broken, and seepage is making its way through concrete or around tiles, we will put a stop to it.

Affordable Pool Repair

A second problem Santa Ana pool repair professionals must sometimes deal with is lime build up or black mold that is clinging to the pool surface. Power cleaning equipment can remove all of this unsightly and unhealthy grime and make your pool look like new again. Hard water can lead to lime build up, and wearing the same swim suit in the pool as you did in the ocean can lead to black mold formation. Thus, preventative maintenance practices may help in the future, but Orange County Pools and Spas can come to eliminate the immediate problem.

At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can also attend to your malfunctioning pool equipment. If pumps, chlorine dispensers, heaters, valves, fountains, lights, and other pool equipment is failing to perform properly, we can examine it and correct the problem. Our Santa Ana pool repair technicians know what to look for and what to listen for in detecting the issue. A noisy pump, for example, may signal a loose bearing or seal, but a pump that won’t prime may have an air leak. If filter-pressure won’t drop, the filter is likely clogged. We have the tools and expertise to get to the root of the problem and solve it in a timely fashion.

santa ana pool repair